Laura Álvarez

Elements x Fiorella Pratto

Art Direction / Storytelling / Photography / Videography / Graphic Design / Styling

Based on my previous research on fashion film, I came to the conclusion that it is a medium with lots of potential for brands and creatives, especially today with how accessible video sharing has become. New brands should definitely take advantage of fashion films, as a good video can reach and attach an audience or potential customers while presenting their universe in a creative way.

Therefore I contacted a small brand based in Madrid which I admired a lot and share my visual identity with. This brand, Fiorella Pratto, was in need of new content creation and visibility to reach a larger audience. My goal was to create a fashion film that would present the universe of the brand through a visual story.

The result of this project turned out being the complete art direction and storyboards of each element plus an editorial using the brand’s apparel and a short video working a s a trailer for the 4 elements altogether. Everything was produced at my home during the strict isolation period in 2020.

The project ended up being used by the brand for commercial purposes and was also advertised on their social media channels.

Year / 2020

Location / Madrid, Spain